Casa San José

Gigi D'Amico

Below, you will find a short biography.


Gigi was born and raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Aside from PR, she has lived in Beaver Falls & in Pittsburgh, PA and has lived in Pittsburgh since1981 (Beaver Falls since 1976). Gigi volunteered at St. Catherine of Siena Church as the Coordinator for the Latino Ministry and is the Facilitator and Leadership Building for the Latino Community at St. Oscar Romero Parish. Gigi holds a BS in Counseling Psychotherapy, some Masters course hours from Duquesne University and Diploma on Residential Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. One of her passions that led her to Casa was the plight of our latino brothers and sisters and her desire to help in any way. She always admired the tremendous work that CSJ provides for our people and feel beyond proud to be a part of this excellent organization. Outside of work, Gigi likes going to the beach, spending time with her grandchildren, design, art, and volunteering time at church. She has received recognitions/awards for her work as a Service Coordinator at Pressley Ridge Service Coordination and Treatment Foster Care Departments.