Casa San José

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In 2013, The Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden opened a resource center for Latinos and named it Casa San José (House of St. Joseph). The Sisters created Casa San Jose as a nonprofit with an independent board of directors in 2014. It currently has a staff of 24 people, three Sisters of St. Joseph, and more than a 100 active volunteers. This welcome center was opened to support the ongoing and important work of Sister Janice Vanderneck, who has worked with the Latino community in the Pittsburgh region for 20 years. Her vision has been to create a community center for Latinos and to deliver the services that are needed as Pittsburgh attracts more and more Latinos to the Pittsburgh region. Her countless hours of support and commitment over many years has culminated with the founding of Casa San José as the trustworthy, go-to source of support to help underserved Latino immigrants access the assistance and services they need.

It serves as a base of support for the Latino community where we provide a variety of resources such as weekly clinics, food pantries, summer camps, community meetings, Know Your Rights sessions, and much more. Casa San Jose provides a welcoming

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  • Our Mission
    Casa San Jose connects, supports, and advocates with and for the Latino Community.

  • Our Vision
    A Region that celebrates Latino culture, welcomes immigrants, and embraces inclusion, dignity, and respect.