Casa San José

our Leadership

Monica Ruiz-Caraballo
Executive Director
Sister Karen Stoila
Finance and Development Director
Sebastian Garetto
Human Resources and Operations Manager
Sister Janice Vanderneck
Director of Civic Engagement

our TEAM

Maria Alberto
Administrative Assistant
Brenda R. Garcia
Communications Specialist
Ruth Farrell
East Liberty Office Coordinator
Monique Herrera
Lead Case Manager - CYF and Housing
Dora Tenjo
Intensive Case Manager
Monica Andrea Herrera Garces
ISAC Service Coordinator
Alexander Romero
ISAC Service Navigator
Lizbeth Garcia
Lead Youth Program Coordinator
Moises Terrero
Youth Programs Specialist
Jenny D. Serrato
Health Promotion Specialist
Sandra Fuentes
S.A.F.E. Program Coordinator
Antonia Rivera
Mental Health Program Coordinator
Constanza Henry
Community Health and Wellness Coordinator
Juan D. Romero
Youth Program Specialist
Ivette Paris Samboy
Community Outreach Specialist
Laura Perkins
Human Rights Organizer