Casa San José

Born Together

Lessen anxiety and build confidence before and after giving birth

What is Born Together

Born Together provides classes in nutrition, yoga exercises, what to expect in labor, and how to fill out a birth certificate. Participants receive groceries, diapers, and upon completion of the classes, a baby shower!The program began from the personal experiences of Monique Herrera, Casa San Jose’s Bilingual Navigator, who couldn’t find prenatal classes in Spanish while she was pregnant with her two daughters, now ages two and six.“The moms-to-be love the classes because they get to share their experiences and support one another,” says Monique. "They are not alone." To find out more, email or call (412) 343-3111 

This is a special program that I would like Veronica Lozada to let you know under which big program it should be included. Monique Herrera is the person that leads the program for expectant mothers. Here is the text we used for a newsletter but can always be edited and make it shorter for the website:

What does CASA provide?

Information & referrals (with interpretation when needed), service coordination (with interpretation when needed) to assess needs and connect clients to a full range of community connections, and bilingual navigation. Bilingual community workers provide ISAC clients with hands-on short-term assistance to help them learn to access services so clients become more independent.

  • Casa serves as a service coordination site for immigrants and refugees in Allegheny County.
  • Casa bridges the cultural divide between Latino immigrants and service providers by training staff and volunteers of the service-providing agencies to interact with Latino immigrants constructively.
  • Casa hosts special events conducted in Spanish such as consular visits, health and wellness seminars, and cultural events and festivities.
  • Casa works directly with job-seeking clients who may not be eligible for services from other career service agencies.