Casa San José

Emergency Response

Our emergency response program has a team of volunteers that assist with court accompaniments as well as other immigration related supports.

About our Services

We go to Pittsburgh's ICE office in the South Side to gather information about detention, hopefully speak to the detained individual, and then connect them to their family with services.

If someone either witnesses or experiences an ICE detention, they should call 412-736-7167, our emergency response number, which is operated by our Emergency Response Organizer, Laura Perkins.

Preventing Human Rights Violations

Know Your Rights sessions.

  • Orienting newly arrived community members on laws, the immigration process, their rights, and best practices.
  • Know Your Rights for Drivers
  • Educating agencies and allies on how to welcome new community members and provide equitable services.
  • Work with community members to fight for better treament.

We also provide legal clinics in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh’s Immigration Legal Clinic . Together we develop emergency plans for individuals, their families, and the community.