Casa San José

Supplemental Healthy Nutrition Program

A good and balanced diet is essential for physical growth, intellectual development and defense from various diseases

During the pandemic, Casa San Jose identified a need to provide food to their clients as a result of job loss and hardships from COVID-19. As a result, the organization began running an emergency food pantry in the Beechview location since March 20, 2020 to meet this need.

Each family is able to receive a box of food that will feed the family for approximately 2 weeks. Boxes include both canned goods and fresh foods and are distributed Wednesdays 11am-6pm. If needed, Casa San Jose delivers the food to the clients.

Casa San Jose also provides their clients various types of nutrition education so the clients can make the most of the foods they receive. Casa empowers their clients with the knowledge and skills to shop and cook for their families on a budget and with the foods they have access to purchase.

In partnership with The University of Pittsburgh’s Dietitian Nutritionist Program, Casa provides healthy cooking classes to its clients and, as a result, deliver basic nutrition education content to them.