Casa San José

Immigrant Services and Connections (ISAC)

Helping immigrants build a life in Pittsburgh

What is Immigrant Services and Connections?

ISAC helps immigrants and refugees living in Allegheny County with language barriers, overcoming cultural differences, and the challenges of connecting to existing services, programs, resources, and communities.

Casa San José Helps By

Providing services including information and referrals to ISAC.

Bridging the cultural divide between the Latino community and service providers in the region.

Connecting bilingual community workers to provide ISAC clients with hands-on short-term assistance to help them learn to access services so clients become more independent.

Understanding the needs and rights regarding culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

Hosting special events conducted in Spanish such as consular visits, health and wellness seminars, and cultural events and festivities.

Working directly with job-seeking clients who may not be eligible for services from other career service agencies.

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